It’s been a busy weekend as the nation anticipated the King Holiday on Monday. We’ve seen thousands of women swoop down on the District for their annual march on Saturday. Nearby in the Commonwealth of Virginia, while some were committing themselves to service projects within their communities, others were bracing for a controversial gun rights rally — one that some right-wing zealots promised they’d attend, armed and dangerous. Fortunately, the rally went on without any outbreaks of violence.

But the best thing that happened during the King Holiday Weekend, had to be 14th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Walk & Parade.

Yes, it was cold, very cold. But we’ve grown accustomed to that nuisance. The sun shined brightly, perhaps inspiring those who marched and those who watched the two-mile-long parade to smile as brightly as Mr. Sun. And yes, the smiling faces were everywhere.

As for the many hundreds of men, women and children who braved the cold, they illustrated the diversity that still makes America unique and a wonderful place in which to live. We say young, old, Black, white, Hispanic, LGBT, rich, poor, disabled — you name the differences or distinctions, they were all there.

Ward 8 has the unfortunate distinction of being a community where crime and violence seem to be the norm rather than the exception. But we know we can do better. And on the King Holiday in the District’s most-beleaguered ward, peace and love were in full swing. Folks worked together and seemed to enjoy every minute.

Here’s a thought: let’s adjust our mindsets, our goings-on and our beliefs which become actions, so that we are on King Parade 2020 frequency. Let there be peace here in the valley. Let is begin with you.

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This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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