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After a series of cloistered meetings among select members of the Republican Party, President Donald Trump has a new health care bill that he says is the answer to the “financial nightmares” caused by President Obama’s Affordable Care Act for America. Trump and Company express that it’s the answer to the heated criticism of and frustrations caused by “Obamacare.”

Now, with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) leading the way among party members while waving his pom-poms in support, the Republicans want to push the bill through before the ink has barely had a chance to dry.

As for Monday’s just-released report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office which projects that the GOP bill would increase the number of uninsured by 22 million over the next decade, compared with the current law, the Republicans the report draws the wrong conclusions.

They also want us to believe that the significant reductions to Medicaid that the new bill would cause should not alarm citizens as those who govern the 50 states and the District of Columbia would most assuredly step up to assist those in need.

But let’s just be clear when we take an objective look at the Republican Party and their general beliefs. First, they tend to hold to the claim that health care is not a right. Second, they affirm that providing tax cuts for America’s wealthiest citizens and reducing the federal deficit are the best way to ensure the overall greater health of all America.

We disagree with both of their premises. Even more, we find it impossible to stomach the fact that those elected to protect the needs of their constituents, no matter what their political affiliation would feel it’s right to pass legislation that would reduce the number of insured citizens by 15 to 22 million over the next decade.

What happens to those who cannot secure health even for a few months? Can life or death illnesses be put on hold until one is able to regain health insurance and therefore be able to seek adequate medical attention for which they can pay?

The ACA could use some tweaking and revisions. But not at the expense of millions of Americans.

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