The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum provides a history lesson for all Americans. (Courtesy photo)

Our hearts go out to the children at Watkins Elementary School in Southeast who learned the hard way about the tragic events which led to the deaths of millions of innocent Jewish men, women and children during the Holocaust. 

The children, all third grade students, were led in an activity by a school librarian, which forced them to reenact the horrors actually experienced by the Jewish community in Germany as they were corralled into trains, taken to gas chambers and suffocated. 

Parents and caregivers must now hold their children closer and try to help them overcome the emotional and psychological damage that has occurred because of the incident which took place last Friday. 

Beyond the anger and amazement which all adults continue to voice, we find two questions that simply cannot be ignored. 

The first: how did an instructor with such a questionable track record even become hired by DCPS?

The second, however, may be a bit more nuanced. It’s difficult to understand how an elementary school teacher could ever believe that reenacting an incident of such horror and depravity could be of benefit to children who have yet to reach puberty. 

In these days of cancel culture and revisionist history, with statues and monuments being toppled and destroyed, it’s essential that we continue to teach our children about the events that have shaped our nation and the world – from both the past and the present. 

And while history lessons may sometimes be startling and eye-opening, they should not be traumatic in their presentation. 

DCPS has some explaining to do. And we’ll be there listening intently. 

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