Like the O.J. Simpson, Johnny Depp and Bill Cosby trials, Americans always seem to be captivated by the glad and not-so-glad tidings revealed in televised court proceedings of how profile citizens. 

This time, while it’s not the underhanded dealings that formed the basis of the Watergate scandal and served as the downfall of Richard Nixon, recent testimonies shared under oath before the Jan. 6 committee continue to illustrate just how far our country has not come. 

Yes, it’s been over 300 years since America won its independence but we’re still holding on to many of the attitudes and biases that have kept us from really becoming “one nation under God.” 

Listening to Black Georgia election worker Wandrea ArShaye Moss agonizingly share how she has received numerous racist threats after Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, targeted her and her mother, one has to wonder just how far the former president would have gone to secure victory. Were there any limits? 

In multiple Facebook messages, Moss was given this warning: “Be glad it’s 2020 and not 1920.” We can only imagine what such messages really wanted to say to Moss. 

Moss has since left her job of 10 years – one which she said she really loved. She described how she was taught by both her mother and grandmother about the importance of voting. She shared how she was taught that every citizen should somehow contribute to the body politic – running for office, volunteering in some capacity or, in her case, working behind the scenes. 

But she never figured that because of her commitment to her job, that she and her mother would face death threats and repeated harassment, often delivered by strangers who attempted to hide their predilection for racism under the cloak of patriotism. 

However, even more disconcerting is the way our former president lodged a smear campaign against Moss and her mother. 

Don’t take our word for it, just listen to the recordings of Trump and Giuliani. 

It’s a classic example of David and Goliath. And like the Biblical story, we know that giants can and do fall. But they don’t go quietly – they never have and they never will. 

Still, we remain hopeful, even prayerful, that the truth which the Jan. 6 committee hopes to uncover, will eventually see the light of day. 

We’ve had enough of fake news. 

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