Herschel Walker

Senator Raphael Warnock has officially won the seat to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate, giving Democrats the majority they hoped for. But what say ye, the Republicans? Yes, it was a tight race and one that required a runoff between Warnock and the other guy; the football player that happens to be African American and reportedly a man that doesn’t tell the truth about critical issues, including abortion.

Where do the Republicans find these people, and what are they doing to improve the party’s impact, influence and status? What made them believe that the American public would support Sarah Palin, the “I can see Russia from my backyard” candidate who ran for Vice President with running mate John McCain? And, then there was Herman Cain, Mr. 9-9-9, rest his soul, who had the credentials, if for no other reason than he was a Morehouse man, but his candidacy for president ended following sexual harassment allegations. Many others can also be named, but the man of the hour who garnered the Republican Party’s most recent loss is Herschel Walker. What was it about Walker that made Republicans believe he would appeal to voters who are looking for a qualified representative in the Senate and not the football field?

The Republican Party is not monolithic. It’s not all White, all male, all rich, all Southern, all pro-Trump, or all racist. In fact, while most consider Republicans the conservative party, others who share their conservative views and would consider the party a viable option are disenchanted with a leadership that lacks discernment of opinions and values and people to represent them. They ask why the party will not stand up to their former President Donald Trump and denounce his role in instigating an insurrectionist uprising and his reportedly most recent call to terminate the U.S. Constitution.  

We praise Senator Raphael Warnock and congratulate him for a hard-fought victory. He will represent all of the people of Georgia, regardless of party affiliation. Meanwhile, we admonish Republicans to pay close attention to see what positive and progressive leadership looks like. There are lessons the Republican Party needs to learn, and they only need to look back at their history to find what made them the party so many voters wanted to join.

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