It’s hard to miss the many advertisements, billboards, and commercials targeting new purchases – from clothes, to school supplies – for the back-to-school season. 

Even if you’re trying to avoid the capitalistic culture that comes with being in the U.S. during this time, you’re aware a new school year comes with new coursework, new challenges and new opportunities to expand one’s mind and abilities.  

While heading back to school might be the end of the freedoms that come with summer fun, it’s a time of newness.

Despite potential anxieties surrounding learning new concepts or making friends, there’s also excitement that comes with mastering tasks and warm and fuzzy feelings when building or expanding relationships with others.

Though you might not be packing your own backpack, or anyone else’s for that matter, this back-to-school season, remember those sentiments of yesteryears. Consider the values that come with this time of year and try to carry it through fall, winter, next spring, summer and beyond. 

Whether you’re a student, working adult or retiree, remember a new day offers unique opportunities to expand your knowledge and grow.  

With or without the new clothes and school supplies, and despite the challenges that might arise with early mornings, hard teachers (or bosses), mean classmates (or coworkers) and growing pains, back-to-school season is a reminder to approach chances to learn and grow with excitement.  

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