Ask anyone today and beyond to share their New Year’s resolution and for certain, most will gladly share a litany of promises of self-improvement and commitments to help others. They include spending less, learning more, shaping up to get the pounds down, giving more of themselves to raise up better young people, better schools, or a better community. It’s the humanity of most people that makes the new year a time to dedicate ourselves to making the world a better place, and when we acknowledge our own responsibility to make it happen.

From Christmas to New Year’s, and Kwanzaa in between, even the most addicted news junkies will shut down and turn off those gadgets that keep them up to date on the tragedies in the world, and there were an extraordinary number of tragic events that occurred in 2017. The hope for 2018 is that the nightmare will end and the dream of a more loving, caring, doing something to make things better society will take over. However, those of us in the media have not given up what makes us relevant to our readers and viewers. “If it bleeds, it leads!” and those fuzzy resolutions never make it to the newsroom, except the coverage of the aftermath when humanity, once again, reigns.

Once criticized by someone working at another news organization for practicing “cupcake journalism,” The Washington Informer, indeed, seeks to promote the “good news.” And we’ll continue in that vein in 2018, covering news of a more positive ilk. The good news stories on which we report are still news – not fake or irrelevant news. The Informer seeks stories about the extraordinary work of those who are striving to make life better for others … and for themselves. Our resolution is to share even more of those stories in 2018.

So, we encourage our readers to continue to make those positive resolutions but most important, to act on them. Unfortunately, the bad news is 2019 will be here before we know it. But in the meantime, “stay woke,” stay engaged and stay informed. Happy New Year!

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This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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