A roll of police tape (police line) lies on the ground outside a home being foreclosed on in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2009.
Courtesy of Wikipedia

With Americans finally getting a chance to celebrate a holiday without being forced to do so virtually, you would have thought that we’d be sure to make it a three-day weekend worth remembering. 

And remember it we will. But for all the wrong reasons. 

During the recent Memorial Day weekend, America recorded 14 mass shootings – that is the shooting of four or more people – which left innocent citizens dead or injured because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Once again, the proliferation of guns that dominate the American scene and the ease with which one can purchase a gun or make one from unassembled parts, have resulted in massacres reminiscent of films that showcase a time in our nation’s history when folks rode on horses, carried guns on their hips and used those guns without reserve. 

But that was over a century ago. Haven’t we advanced? 

Not when it comes to the way we treat both members of our community or the stranger within the gate. 

Are we that angry, that troubled, that demented or just plain evil? It’s hard to tell. 

Clearly, the madness can jump off for the slightest of reasons and on days, or in this case, weekends that once served as a time of national celebration and pride. 

Something must be done but no one seems to have an answer. One thing’s for certain – if we continue along this path, other nations may look for ways to build a wall around America. Because it will be clear that we have truly lost our minds. 

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