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Since his election last January, President Trump has been fighting to get Congress to place gifts under his Christmas tree, not for the joy and good tidings of his supporters for whom he promised to “Make America Great Again,” but for those who are like him — white, wealthy and male.

So far, Santa has not yet found Mr. Trump deserving of all he’s asked for, but today in the White House, Trump has laid out a spread of cookies and milk while he waits to receive his biggest gift of the season – a massive tax reform bill called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed by the House and the Senate on Wednesday.

Most Americans don’t know what’s in the bill or how it will impact their households next year but Republicans proclaim it’s the best thing for Americans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan who said, “This is one of the most important pieces of legislation that Congress has passed in decades to help American workers and to help grow the American economy. This is profound change; this is change that’s going to put our country on the right path.”

Democrats, on the other hand, are not pleased at all and members of the Congressional Black Caucus were outspoken in their challenges to the legislation. In a statement issued by CBC Chair Cedric Richmond (D-La.), he said, “This bill was drafted to help the richest of the rich and hurt underserved communities. In fact, this bill likely benefits President Trump directly, which we could confirm if he had released his tax returns as every President in modern history has done.”

Sadly, in the District of Columbia, where Mr. Trump expects Santa to deliver his goodies, our Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton had no vote on the matter, which further demonstrates at a time like this why our fight for statehood is necessary. Taxation without representation is the chimney dust we will have to deal with once again.

Merry Christmas Mr. Trump!

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