President Donald Trump (Courtesy of Trump via Facebook)
**FILE** Donald Trump (Courtesy of Trump via Facebook)

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for President in 2024. Yes, he believes American voters will grant him a second term.

Never mind his behavior when he ran for office in 2017, or the insulting attacks on people, including some of his closest associates, while serving in office. His misrepresentations of facts and false statements were beyond belief. His alliances with white supremacists and Black apologists are disgraceful. And, the most unbelievable assertion he wants Americans to believe is that he is capable of making America great again. 

Trump’s inaction to the January 6 insurrection he instigated by being a sore loser demonstrates his threat to democracy. The theft of secret documents he took from the White House shows the danger he represents to U.S. security. The blind eye he insists on keeping to the risks associated with climate change is dangerous to future generations. And, his lies about supporting police, when several lost their lives at the hands of his bullies who launched an attack on the Capitol, is indefensible. He said in his speech that he took quick action when Americans faced a killer virus. He joked about Biden’s missteps, but does he not remember his own when he refused to believe the science about the dangers of COVID-19 or when he questioned whether drinking bleach would protect one from getting the virus?

Where has he been over the past few days as his party leaders analyze and accept that he stood in the way of the Red Wave on November 8? And, how dare he mention Nancy Pelosi’s name without acknowledging the violent attack on her husband that was undoubtedly politically motivated and inspired by his actions and words. 

Last week’s voter turnout showed that Americans are optimistic and believe there are reasons to be proud of who we are. The outcome of a midterm election was historic, proving that Trump’s effect on voters is waning. It’s too bad that he wants to send the entire country through another two years of his same old mess. Few have the stomach for it. For now, voters will have to wait and see who their choices will be when they go to the polls again in 2024. 

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