It’s troubling to see the recent violent outbreaks among the District’s teens that have occurred on the Metro rail system and the time has passed when something needs to be done before things get even worse.

Young Black males seem to have decided to randomly attack their peers for no apparent reason, using guns or knives to resolve conflicts.

Maybe it’s the anger within that now appears to be bubbling over, consuming them and pushing them to act out without provocation.

Perhaps it’s their frustration over being unemployed, undereducated and unfocused in a society that tends to view them as disposables. As one poet said, they seem to be “raisins in the sun” crusting over until they “explode.”

Whatever the reason, as the spring continues and as summer approaches, and with school doors soon closing, there will be a lot of young folks roaming the streets and riding the trains with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

If we aren’t going to employ them, or provide places where they can safely participate in sports or art or other activities, then we can certainly expect them to get into trouble.

We have a prime opportunity to show our youth positive ways to release their steam and energy. We can only hope and pray that those in power in the District, and those with the financial resources, will put their heads together on behalf of our young people.

If not, we may see a summer of violence among teens that could have been avoided. And in the end, we will all lose.

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