Courtesy of Roaming Rooster via Facebook
Courtesy of Roaming Rooster via Facebook

Minority-owned businesses in the U.S., from the moment they open their doors, find themselves in nonstop competition for a customer base and pool of advertisers that will collectively garner profitable outcomes, a brand that evokes positive views from the public and ultimately a product or service whose merit speaks for itself. Each day, these businesses go up against corporations and conglomerates that have the advantage of far greater operating capital and resources, more personnel and usually, the kind of connections that money cannot buy.

While these Black and brown entrepreneurs may never reach the level of financial security achieved by today’s business tycoons like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, or Warren Buffett, they continue to forge onward seeking their slice of the American pie. With patience, preparation and a never-give-up attitude, those rare moments occur when a relatively unknown “David” finds itself benefiting from the bevy of activity raised by a “Goliath” known for its dominant position in the market.

Such is the case with Roaming Rooster — a Black-family-owned restaurant based in Northeast whose Ethiopian-born founder started the business in 2015 with one food truck which has since expanded to four. Roaming Rooster’s best. And as luck would have it, after a chance tweet from a popular musician in late August went viral, the popularity of the restaurant, which serves only free-range chicken, has morphed beyond their wildest dreams.

Ironically, Roaming Rooster’s owners have benefited from fast-food giant Popeyes’ decision to add a new item to the menu — a spicy chicken sandwich — resulting in lines for customers for the fast-food giant that resemble those anxious to purchase the newest Apple cell phone. Still, despite being smaller in size, Roaming Rooster’s Honey Butter Fried, Nashville Hot and other chicken variations have already proven that they’re true “taste sensations.” Now, with comparisons being made between the two businesses, and the fury of tweets from satisfied customers, Roaming Rooster is seeing an impressive surge in revenue from first-time buyers.

We celebrate their success, their diligence and their determination to offer the best products possible while always doing something that they love to do. Maybe this is what going after the American Dream is all about — being given the opportunity to succeed.

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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