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When Kanye West went to the White House recently to express his “love” for President Donald Trump, many Americans, both black and white, were aghast by his remarks. His rants about criminal justice, fatherless homes, the Chicago murder rate, mental illness and all the rest pointed to some truths, but his aim was far afield. Immediately following, journalist, talk show host and author Roland Martin dedicated an entire segment of his new daily internet show “Roland Martin Unfiltered” translating, dissecting and correcting West’s crazy speech.

“Corrector-in-chief” is quickly becoming the role Martin is playing in this era where political correctness, especially in the media, has made a U-turn. More Americans are freely and indiscriminately expressing degrading and demeaning words that are becoming the new norm, exemplified by a commander in chief who is inciting such hatemongering.

When talk show host Wendy Williams reportedly criticized an actor at the BET awards for praising HBCUs, adding that she would be offended if “there was a school that was known as a historically white college,” Corrector-In Chief Martin immediately reacted. He dedicated his former News One television show addressing Williams’ statement. He later appeared on the Wendy Williams show to educate her about the history and critical role HBCUs have played. It was a lesson learned for Williams but in the end, she lost an advertiser because of it.

This week, Corrector-in-Chief Martin appeared on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today” how to explain to the host and her audience the hateful meaning behind blackface. Earlier in the week, during a discussion about Halloween
costumes, Kelly defended blackface costumes.

Martin told Kelly, following her emotional apology, that America is in total denial of how deeply racism is imbedded in our culture. Kelly thanked him for teaching her what Martin said so many households fail to teach their children about the diverse culture in which we live and how to respect others.

No matter what you may think about Martin, America needs a Corrector-In Chief, and he is fulfilling the job exceptionally well.

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