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The midterm elections are right around the corner and Democrats are waving the flag to remind voters to vote on November 8, if not earlier. It’s all about maintaining control of the House and the Senate, and in states across the county, being able to reverse the damage made by President Trump who filled the courts with Right-leaning judges.

Not to say the Republicans aren’t encouraging folks to go to the polls, as well, but it appears as if they are comfortable identifying themselves as part of Trump, and therefore, are only looking for certain people to go to the polls to support their candidates.

Each party is following the results of polls determining what will motivate Americans to vote, and they are steering their messages toward those issues. One would have believed that crime and abortion would top the polls following the events of the summer, but a recent survey indicated that more Americans are concerned about inflation and the economy, not necessarily in that order.

The fact that we are, or almost are, facing a recession has many Americans afraid they’re about to lose the money they’ve been saving. Financial insecurity and job loss are two major issues that may drive voters to the polls. They don’t want to see interest rates rise, but still, they won’t stop spending. They believe that voting for someone new who supports a more conservative stance will somehow impact their finances directly and quickly for the better,

Whatever issues stand foremost in our readers’ minds, we just hope it will be enough to motivate each and every one of you to go to the polls and vote, or mail in your ballot now.

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