Donald Trump (Courtesy photo)
Donald Trump (Courtesy photo)

Donald Trump visited a Black church in Detroit last Saturday, perhaps in efforts to overcome a reputation for offending the sensibilities of African-Americans. And with just over 60 days left before the election and with the first of several debates scheduled for later this week, both Trump and Hillary Clinton are understandably on the offensive.

During his brief stop in Detroit, Trump and his team left nothing to chance. His words were scripted rather than his usual practice of speaking off the cuff and he spoke briefly to the congregation but only after a last minute change from an initial plan during which he would have only participated in a private interview conducted by the pastor of Great Faith Ministries International, the church he visited. Meanwhile, his additional stops in Motown were extremely limited.

Trump was accompanied by a few Black supporters: former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson and former contestant on “The Apprentice,” Omarosa Manigault. And while attending the service, sporting a prayer shawl presented to him by the church’s pastor, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Trump was quoted as saying “I feel better already.”

We’re glad that the billionaire businessman felt warm all over as he attempted to blend in with a Black congregation during his first visit ever to an African-American house of worship.

What we don’t understand is why we should care.

Trump has made it clear that he lacks the understanding, true compassion or even a clearly developed agenda that would benefit Blacks in America – particularly those with the greatest needs.

Even with Carson, Omarosa and a few Black clergy behind him, we are not convinced that he’s the best presidential candidate for Black Americans given the issues, concerns, challenges and problems that our collective community currently faces.

Nice try, Mr. Trump. We hope you put a sizable offering in the collection plate.

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