Just a few days ago, it seems, parents were getting their children ready to go back to school; while weather forecasters complained of Mother Nature’s inability to transform foliage from summer green to the shades of fall. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Giving Tuesday fast approached, and today, we’re already in year 2020, too soon to return undesirable Christmas gifts, and not long enough to sing an entire verse of Auld Lang Syne in celebration of the new year.

Time is moving much too fast and we are moving at a faster pace to keep up with it. We realize this fast-speed lifestyle is attributable to technology. New innovations require we know more in order to do more with only a click, a drag or a swipe. And, in the coming months, 5G will be coming to a neighborhood near you bringing with it a much faster way to do everything we learned to do without it.

As commitments to New Year’s resolutions are currently being made, our recommendation is to slow down and quit moving so fast. Researchers have reported that technology has altered human physiology. It affects memory, attention spans and sleep cycles, and we might add the speed with which we express ourselves, and the power we place on the pedals of our personally-driven automobiles. Consequently, our ability to focus is hampered, and our safety is compromised, as witnessed by the increasing number of auto accidents and the decrease in healthy relationships here and nearby.

We welcome the New Year, however, and in 2020 we plan to adopt innovation as our mantra. It’s necessary not only for us to remain viable, but to also prevent a deepening technological divide between the communities we serve and the rest of the world. And we plan to practice and advise moderation in hopes that real roses will be available for us to stop and smell.

Slow down and savor each moment in 2020. Happy New Year!

WI Guest Author

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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