Courtesy of President Trump via Facebook
**FILE** President Donald Trump (Courtesy of Trump via Facebook)

President Trump is feeling his oats right now following two recent Supreme Court decisions that knocked the ball back into his court. First, the court ruled earlier this month that a Colorado baker could, in fact, deny service to a same-sex couple who had ordered a cake for their wedding based on the baker’s religious beliefs. And this week on Tuesday, the court ruled in favor of Trump’s travel ban limiting Muslims from several countries entry into the U.S.

But there’s more including Trump’s controversial border policy to separate immigrant children from their parents because they entered the country “illegally” — maintaining negative reactions to the policy have not been a deterrent while further digging in on his plan to build a wall along the country’s southern border. He says he’s determined to prevent the further influx of people from Central America seeking asylum in the U.S.

Thanks to intense pressure from both Democrats and Republicans, and apparently within his own family, including the first lady, Trump yielded and signed an order to discontinue the insane family separations, but it hasn’t waned his desire to “build that wall.”

Still, the Supreme Court’s decisions have added enough fuel to intensify the fire inside Trump to further pursue policies that are unquestionably discriminatory and isolationist. He is “making America great again” in his own mind’s eyes but not to a vast majority of Americans, nor those outside of the country who once held great respect for America.

But this is nothing new for Trump who exposed himself during the 2016 presidential election and who continues to demonstrate his racist tendencies every day he remains at the White House. It only means that Americans must stay on their toes and more importantly stay “woke” and not get weary or worn out fighting against Trump no matter how the Supreme Court rules or Congress votes.

This year marks the 200th birthday anniversary of Frederick Douglass, abolitionist, orator, newspaper publisher and statesman, whose prophetic axiom, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will,” remains relevant two centuries later.

Trump is only one person. Together the rest of the American people must continue to protest, march, demonstrate and pray to stop him and put an end to his shenanigans.

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