The U.S. has always been the channel to watch by those who live outside of this country. There is so much to see and learn from this nation that touts itself as the leader of the free world. In the U.K, France, Germany and Russia, the U.S. is studied as if it were a cell in a Petri dish, watched closely to see what our president, or Congress, is doing to or for its citizens that will most assuredly impact their government and its citizens, as well.

In smaller countries, places we rarely hear about in Africa, the Caribbean and other developing nations, the U.S. is watched closely, too. The recent presidential election, and its apparently never-ending aftermath, is viewed as a salacious and tantalizing soap opera full of twists and turns and a lot of suspense. Many fortunate enough to still be working during this world pandemic say they rush home to watch CNN to see what President Trump said or did. They are fascinated by the growth and impact of Black Lives Matter but nervously curious about potential conflicts with white supremacists across the U.S.

And while women are leading in many countries around the world including Barbados, Ethiopia, Togo and Gabon, as well as Lithuania, Greece, Bolivia and Germany, the U.S. is finally catching up with its first female vice president who also happens to be an African American, born to a Jamaican-American father and a South Asian mother. This story couldn’t be better.

Besides the drama going on inside the U.S., what matters most is how a single document, drafted more than 200 years ago, continues to govern the land, illustrating the power of our Constitution. The lesson learned is that this document, and the powers it established to interpret it, to govern by it and to amend it when needed, serves as the glue which keeps America from becoming unhinged. It trumps those who believe their name gives them greater power. It protects citizens no matter from where they have come.

No one expects America’s democracy to be overturned.

But they’re undoubtedly enjoying the chance to watch, wait and see how America survives, once again.

WI Guest Author

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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