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If there is anything that tires us more than Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, it is his frequent reference to those who disagree with him as “anti-American.” From the time he won the presidency, before, and now, Trump acts as if he is the sole arbiter on who is pro- or anti-American. If you oppose him, then you must be anti-America.

Trump has declared a divide between Americans who love America; between those who all happen to think America is already great.

If you don’t support his effort to repeal the American Health Act, you are against making America great again. If you don’t support his plans for veterans, you are against making America great again. If you don’t support politicians who support him, then you support “the liars” who are against making America great again; if you oppose his position on climate change, then you are against making America great again. And, if you read magazines, listen to radio or television networks or read the daily newspapers, then you support the “fake media” all of whom are against making America great again.

During Trump’s campaign-style speech delivered on Tuesday from Phoenix, he described what began to sound like an agenda that stressed inclusiveness of all Americans. He kept referring to “our America” and “our movement.” A movement, he said, “built on love for our fellow citizens” and love for every American child “that deserves to have all of their dreams come true.” He stressed the commonality of his supporters but in doing so, he continued to spew language that was divisive and hostile against Americans who don’t support him or his agenda.

Trump is his own worst enemy. He says enough to make Americans question his loyalty to America, and if he can bring an America he helped to divide, back together again. As long as he continues to label his opponents as “evil,” “liars,” “dishonest” and “anti-American,” the more he will drive a greater divide between all Americans. He is as guilty as the “fake media” he loves to hate.

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