Courtesy of President Trump via Instagram
Courtesy of President Trump via Instagram

Ominous threats continue to be launched like missiles between the U.S. and Iran after our president, Donald Trump, chose what many describe as the “worst available option” — recently giving the order to assassinate Iran’s leader of the Quds Force and a mastermind in warfare, Maj. General Qassim Suleimani in an alleged act of “retaliation.”

Less than a week later, the questionable move has severed an already-tenuous, hard-fought-for stalemate, if not an agreement, between the two nations and led the U.S. and others to fear the worst. Ironically, Trump, who maintained his position as a dove when facing Hillary Clinton for president, has now switched teams and become a zealous hawk.

And it’s difficult to refute those in the know who say he moved to act upon impulse rather than insightfulness — a decision whose fullest impact no one can predict. One thing we know, it’s frightening.

Trump’s top two assistants, Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo, both say they’re in full support of the attack and the president repeatedly saying he made the move in order to avoid a war with Iran. Few Republicans have openly-voiced any opposition.

Still, troubling and no matter what one’s political party affiliation, are a few essentials including the timing of the strike, turning from the long-standing tradition, if not policy, of first advising Congress before moving ahead with acts of war or combat. Further, why did Trump feel so compelled to move in direct opposition after more experienced voices within the “inner sanctum” had recommended taking other paths to better fortify U.S. interests and safety?

How can any of this be considered as an action taken in the best interests of the U.S.? We just don’t see it. And what’s in store for the U.S. and our allies as Iran considers its next sequence of moves?

Today, terrorism and global revenge come in many forms. Iran has proved its expertise in employing cyber-attacks — the new battlefield. And they’re good at it too. What would you do if you could not access your accounts through the ATM, could not get gasoline because your credit and debit cards will not properly function or could not use your cellphone? And what about the upcoming presidential elections whose results and eligible voters, along with all of their personal information, are just one click away?

Trump did not make America safer. Not by a long shot. But we have been distracted.

We’ve already “forgotten” about the articles of impeachment and the Senate trial, whenever that may finally occur. We’ve paid little or no attention to the recent reduction in certain federal protections for America’s LGBTQ citizens. And the recent announcement by the Trump administration to further dismantle legislation that had been secured under Obama to reduce the impact and results of surging temperatures on planet earth barely got a nod from online news junkies.

We are not safer, America. We’re just lost in the forest, we’re stumbling blindly in the dark, we’re in a state of total denial. But safer, we are not!

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