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Several years ago, a contingency of soldiers and United Nations staff were sent to Central African Republic to stabilize the country after over a decade of civil war. They were sent there to help keep peace.

Instead, these white peacekeepers sexually abused hundreds of girls, women and boys, according to child rights organizations and the United Nations’ own records. And despite many forms of lip service, the rapes continue.

In 2014, after shocking allegations first began to surface, and after eventually acknowledged by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the newly-appointed leader of the U.N. promised that upon taking the helm in 2016, he would immediately crack down on the atrocities.

Last September, he exclaimed: “Sexual exploitation and abuse have no place in our world. It is a global menace and it must end.”

Since then, U.N. officials vowed to improve funding and staffing to address sexual abuse cases. But such lofty promises have meant nothing to those who have been and continue to be raped with impunity.

One mother from Central African Republic shared her tale of horror about her 10-year-old son who was raped one year ago in Bouar, 300 miles from the nation’s capital city. The young boy remains, in her words, as “traumatized.”

“I have realized that nothing must be expected from these white people,” she recently said to a USA Today reporter. “Now, I put everything in the hands of God.”

While the Trump administration focuses on “fake news,” “crooked Hillary,” and a new tax reform system that does little for Americans that need economic assistance the most, we call upon them, or perhaps sounder minds, to remove these rapists from their posts and have them face the full brunt of the law.

The world, and America, should be ashamed.

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