Residents are up in arms over the unfortunate murder of 13-year-old Karon Blake. Reportedly, he was shot by an unnamed Ward 5 resident who believed he was witnessing Karon attempting to steal a car in the wee hours of the morning. The killer reportedly left his home armed with a handgun and confronted the young man before shooting him several times and killing him.

According to police officials, no one has provided enough details about this incident for it to make sense or justify it, and the closed-mouthed response from MPD, the D.C. attorney general or Mayor Muriel Bowser is entirely unacceptable to those who desperately want answers.

Residents want to know who killed Karon. Why hasn’t his killer been arrested? While he allegedly used a licensed weapon, once he fired it and the police arrived to investigate, was his weapon and any others he owned taken away from him? Why is it that officials were quick to release the name of the minor in this deadly incident, and share information about him while maintaining a veil of secrecy about his killer other than reporting he was a Black man? And why would MPD Chief Robert Conte call the “misinformation” swirling around about the shooting “reckless” when he continues to withhold information that would quell the rumors?

It’s been more than three days since this shooting took place. In the meantime, there have been other shootings and other murders. Many hope the antidote to the ongoing violence will come from a renewed Thou Shalt Not Kill Movement launched Monday at Busboys and Poets in Southeast, where 17-year-old Maurio Leonard was murdered outside of the restaurant following his evening shift. While many hope the intitiative that calls for posting thousands of the bright red and white signs across the District, but especially in in Wards 7 and 8. Their hope, including a group of about 25 young Thou Shalt Not Kill Ambassadors is that the bibilical message will soften the hearts of would-be killers and make them think twice about taking a God-given life.

Will this biblical message movement save lives? Let’s pray on it! 

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