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The steps of the U.S. Supreme Court and the surrounding grounds were blanketed in a sea of boisterous protesters on Tuesday, Nov. 12 — a throng of Americans standing shoulder-to-shoulder with anxious immigrants, many of whom first came to the U.S. as undocumented children and now find themselves dangling like puppets in a mostly-partisan battle over America’s immigration policies.

The Trump administration remains steadfast in its efforts to end DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] — a holdout program from the Obama administration which Trump has opposed even before moving into the White House and has promised to derail.

But with the lives of around 700,000 young, undocumented immigrants in limbo, one wonders why there’s such an insatiable hunger to snatch away America’s centuries-old welcome mat as these brown-skinned “DREAMers” yearn for citizenship and education in search of the “American Dream?”

As their ability or right to legally remain in the U.S. hinges on the decision of the Supreme Court whose majority voices now lean toward the right, the consensus seems to be that the days of the DREAMers’ stay in America are numbered.

Public sentiment and recent polls suggest that more Americans favor employing alternative solutions and not allowing law which calls for the deportation of the DREAMers, if for no other reason than many of them would be forced to return to countries they do not know, some even confronted with a language they cannot speak.

Still, the president says we must, “Build the wall.”

Among the Court’s conservative majority are two recent additions, both Trump-appointed justices, who have already indicated that they have no plans to second-guess the president’s reasoning and believe its explanations to be sufficient. Does this imply that they’ve already made up their minds? Seems like it.

If we’re correct, then the Supreme Court has become little more than a gaggle of gawkers dominated by those eager and willing to provide a rubber stamp for Trump and the GOP — a far cry from the vision of the Founding Fathers whose prudence led them to establish three, independent bodies within our government. Say it isn’t so!

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