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The ongoing refusal by Republican Donald Trump to yield to Democrat Joe Biden in the recent presidential election has transformed from a temporary lapse in judgment to a real-life version of a popular soap opera or reality TV show.

In the latest episode, Trump’s lawyers, led by the recently dismissed Sidney Powell, claimed that several within the GOP had arranged a clandestine, multinational, communist plot to deny the president a second term.

The Republicans are fuming – at least a few with the backbone required to stand up to a bully. But most have allowed the foolishness and false claims to go on, hiding their heads in the sand like ostriches.

Then, there’s the rift between Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) and Trump which has moved in venue from a Sunday morning news show on Nov. 22 to Twitter.

Hogan says the president should stop his numerous lawsuits in which he hopes to “find” votes that were either lost or stolen, pick up his toys and go back home to Florida.

“Stop golfing and concede” Hogan advised Trump, adding that the president is making the U.S. look like a “banana republic.” Even former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a longtime Trump supporter, has been critical of the legal team the president has hired to somehow wrestle back the White House, calling it a “national embarrassment.”

Biden, with 306 electoral votes and 79,843,209 popular votes has earned the right to become America’s 46th president. As for #45, with 232 electoral votes and 73,794,976 popular votes, he has lost. Ironically, if the numbers in the electoral college remain the same, they will be the exact totals garnered by Trump and Hillary Clinton when the former New York businessman shocked the world.

What we are now witnessing make be unprecedented. It may be ridiculous and embarrassing. It may even be unbelievable. But more than that, America’s commander in chief appears to be doing his best to teach our youth – those who will eventually be the adults leading our nation – that winning is the only thing that matters – by any means necessary.

President-elect Biden will assume the presidency on Jan. 20 and Trump’s ability, or inability to lose with grace cannot overturn the results of the election. Trump’s refusal to either allow for a smooth transition of power or to concede will not bode well for America’s immediate future. However, America will go on. Democracy, tainted and tattered, will not be destroyed.

But how this will impact our children and their understanding of how to best co-exist in our multicultural and diverse American society, we can only guess. It does make us shudder.

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