Louis Farrakhan
Louis Farrakhan (Shevry Lassiter/The Washington Informer)

For the past 50 years or so, Planet Earth has been in the throes of a massive, radical transformation of resources — and it has nothing to do with the economy, ecological concerns or even the threat of nuclear warfare and the destruction of the world.

Instead, the change — the paradigm shift that’s only discussed among the dominant race within closed quarters — is the pending browning of the planet.

The explosive population growth of people of color both globally and in the U.S. — along with the almost simultaneous plunge in the rate of white births — here in America and in other countries long dominated by whites like the United Kingdom, Russia and France, Western Europe in general, has whites in an utter panic. (Even countries in Asia, Japan specifically, and Niger on the African continent, have seen birth rates plummet).

Meanwhile, the rage that has long festered in the bellies of whites as their comfortable positions of power and preference (based primarily, if not exclusively, on skin color) continues to erupt like a volcano, most recently in New Zealand where a self-avowed white supremacist entered two mosques during a busy time of prayer and opened fire — injuring and killing dozens of innocent people. But why?

I am unwilling to allow that the litany of mass murders pulled off by angry white males are due to their being insane, although there’s clearly something amiss in their thought processes. Rather, I contend that they are seeing evidence of a demographic revolution occurring before their very eyes and they are holding fast — by any means necessary — to “the good old days.”

After generations of those who have benefited in countless ways because of their membership in the club of white privilege, and who have been relentless in exerting white domination, they’re now looking at a world in which they will soon be in the minority. They realize that in short order they will have no alternative but to accept a new world, a new way of life, a new reality. And they are unwilling to go down without a fight — no matter who’s hurt or killed.

Here in America, we can see the browning of the nation in evidence as non-whites now make up a majority of kindergartners. By the next presidential election, the Census Bureau predicts they will be a majority of all children; by 2044, no one racial group will be a majority of the country.

Black and brown people in the U.S. have been treated like second-class citizens — like third world inhabitants begging for a crump, a handout, a morsel — for hundreds of years — while whites have partied and plundered, leaving little remaining for others. But the clock is ticking and those long accustomed to being in charge find themselves floundering, like a ship without a sail.

So, when we hear the provocative rhetoric espoused by Donald Trump, “make America great again,” what we’re actually hearing is a clarion call — a desperate plea to do whatever’s needed to maintain what it has long meant to be “American.” Need I explain? The crosscurrents of demographic and cultural change are causing a seismic shift in traditional voting patterns. And it is the vote that will inevitably change America through new policies, new elected officials at every level and new perspectives.

Consider that in 1976, white males made up 89 percent of the electorate — a number which held steady until 1992. After that, as Latino and Asian immigration increased, and the Black population held steady, the white vote has been on a steady decline. By 2012, whites were 72 percent of the electorate, still a majority, but enough of a decline to open the door for Barack Obama to win the presidential election with only 39 percent of the white vote — the lowest winning percentage for any Democrat in a two-way race for the White House.

During a pointed conversation with the Honorable Louis Farrakhan on the Phil Donahue Show in 1985, the minister addressed the imminent changing of the guard — the new world order that would usher in the return of a black/brown-dominated planet. He posed the possibility that this would serve as the catalyst for the world’s final conflagration — what the prophets referred to as Armageddon. It seems that he was right on target in his predictions.

Some whites say they fear the changes that are coming. Some whites seem to be angry due to the changes that are coming. Some whites have thrown caution to the wind with lawless acts that they hope will stem the tide. But as Farrakhan says, perhaps what’s eating at their guts is guilt — the fact that white Americans turned a people inside out, upside down and sold them for 300 years, denying us the human right to read, to know, to understand — to be human beings.

With that in mind, fear of a Black planet is easier to understand. After all we’ve been through, one could believe that if and when we get in power, we will do to whites and their fathers what they and their people have done to us. That’s unlikely, if you ask me.

We don’t have a history of killing white people. White people have a history of killing us.

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