Hillary Clinton (Courtesy photo)
Hillary Clinton (Courtesy photo)

By now I’m sure you’ve had several opportunities to discuss what happened on Monday, Sept. 26 when presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in the first of three scheduled debates.

I cleared my calendar in order to give the 90-minute session my full attention. And from my vantage point, there was only one person that illustrated that they’re capable, competent and ready to assume leadership of our country – Hillary Clinton.

While Trump resorted to the kinds of antics for which he’s already known, interrupting his opponent, taking a cavalier and condescending attitude and throwing in jabs and insults whenever possible, Clinton remained above the fray. Even more, she seemed the only one able to answer the questions of moderator Lester Holt.

Many voters say they aren’t impressed with either candidate. That’s why they aren’t sure if they will even bother to vote. Well, that’s an interesting perspective and one which I will not attempt to refute.

But the reality is someone will take over in the White House. The question is whether we want a loose cannon like Trump at the helm – a man who shows us time after time – that his reality simply doesn’t jibe with the real world – or if we want to support the establishment figure in Clinton.

I for one was impressed with her ability to speak to the issues: economics, terrorism, violence, police brutality and the far too frequent shootings of unarmed Black men and women. The list goes on.

As for the other two parties and their candidates, they seem to be voices with alternative views that are best positioned as conversation pieces. At the worst they could become spoilers making it that much difficult for Clinton to secure the needed votes to emerge as the victor.

It’s been a fascinating run by the billionaire businessman who has exceeded all expectations.

But let’s get serious. Let’s look at the needs of our country. Let’s consider the challenges of dealing with other countries and how they’re viewing this race to the finish.

For my money, and for the sake of the future of my family and my nation, I am only comfortable with Clinton – flaws and all.

I will be at the polls casting my ballot early on Nov. 8.

Where will you be?

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