**FILE** D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (Courtesy of NNPA)
**FILE** D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (Courtesy of NNPA)

D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton on Tuesday informed Joe Biden’s presidential campaign that she is endorsing his bid and that she will vote for him in the D.C. primary in June.

Norton, who was unopposed in the D.C. primary, turned in petitions with names of more than 3,000 residents, significantly more than enough to get on the November ballot.

“I would have preferred to endorse Joe Biden closer to our own D.C. primary in June 2, 2020,” Norton said. “However because our primary comes late, I thought it best to signal my constituents and the Biden campaign where I stood and why.

“Joe Biden is our best hope for returning decency to the presidency,” Norton said of the former vice president. “However, I support Joe Biden for president for more than the pressing need to defeat Trump. Biden’s positions on the issues that confront our country today are in line with my own and, I believe, with the views and aspirations of the majority of the American people. From treating climate change as national priority to raising incomes — which have been flat, producing the greatest inequality in decades. Joe Biden is the nation’s best hope today.”

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