Many gas stations in the D.C. region remain tapped out this week, with yellow plastic bags signaling empty pumps still visible.

While a gas tracker service reported as of Monday morning that 67% of gas stations in D.C. were without gasoline, the scenario compared to 31% of gas stations in Virginia; and 26% of gas pumps in Maryland, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.

“Gasoline supply is still strained in the District of Columbia, even though the Colonial Pipeline is up and stations are refueled,” said AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman John B. Townsend II. “Over the weekend, gas prices started to stabilize, but are expected to fluctuate in the lead up to Memorial Day weekend.”

Help is on the way, however. The Colonial Pipeline has restarted after a seven-day shutdown, and re-supply is arriving at some of the hardest-hit terminals, including terminals in Fairfax, Va., according to AAA.

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