Muriel Bowser
**FILE** D.C. Muriel Bowser (Robert Roberts/The Washington Informer)

A former D.C. student took Mayor Muriel Bowser to task Saturday at the March for Our Lives Rally for not doing enough to quell gun violence in the city.

RuQuan Brown, who presently attends Harvard University and is the founder of Love1, a clothing line designed whose proceeds are to benefit neighborhoods plagued by gun violence, said Bowser promised him two years ago that she would create safer spaces for residents.

However, he said the mayor didn’t follow through on her promise.

“Since our elected officials are extremely broken, ignorant and irresponsible. I’ve been left with no other choice but then to explore and discover what is going to take to keep me and my 10 siblings, my future children, you and yours safe,” Brown said, WTOP reported.

Brown, a graduate of Banneker High School in northwest Washington, said love is the answer to the city’s escalating gun violence.

“Love is a combination of care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect and trust,” he said. “Many of our politicians approach stages with only one of those ingredients. We are demanding that politicians love and that requires all six of those ingredients.”

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  1. She is only speaking on the issue because she is looking to be re-elected as Mayor of DC. If/when she gets in, she will drop all her speeches on the rise in crime, gun violence in DC and talk about building, building, building and keep pouring money into luxury apartments and wooing gentrifiers to DC. She does not have my vote. We have work without her (and the DC Council) work on this matter at the grassroots level.

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