Estate Planning Is a Labor of Love

The Griffin Firm is primarily committed to create, protect and transfer wealth as a resource to build strong families. We know that strong families build strong communities. We are committed to proactively working to build foundational strength and peace that endures through generations.

There are people who chose not to complete an estate plan because those they care for will not be affected positively or negatively if the court totally directs the process. Yet, there are Exceptional Families that should be thoughtful about ways in which there should be special consideration in the protection and transfer of their assets.

While I know that there is no “normal” family. We are indeed ALL exceptional! We should be strategic in planning for our families that will create and protect each member. We all have the default estate plan that the courts provide for us. The Exceptional Family is the one that would be significantly negatively affected by the default estate plan of the state or District.

The Exceptional Family is the family who has minor children. The Exceptional Family is the family who has a loved one who receives governmental benefits. The Exceptional Family is the blended family.

I am excited when I work with an Exceptional Family to create the Child Development Plan that provides the guidance for a child that incentivizes the values of being a community contributor and wealth creator. There is joy in building support for a child that shares the wisdom of the parents even if the parent is unable to share the words directly.

I am excited when I work with an Exceptional Family that has a child that is differently abled and will possibly rely on governmental benefits that are only available for those with limited assets yet are able to provide supplemental needs to affect the quality of life for their loved one. There is peace in knowing that our loved one will have a quality of life that we would want for them.

I am excited for the Exceptional Family that has a parent who may need to live in a facility and does not have the resources to pay and still wants to protect their home for their descendants. There is pride in passing on a homestead to our children and our children’s children.

I am excited to work with the Exceptional Family who blends two families together to make one. There is satisfaction in knowing that there is fairness for those to create the “yours, mine and ours” equitably.

The creation, protection and transference of wealth is not an easy activity. Yet, if it is our desire to build strong families which create strong communities there is action required. Very few great things happen by chance. Design the Exceptional outcomes that you want for your family.

Great things happen when you plan.

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