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Imagine if someone, or something, knew you were going to start a relationship with someone before you even decided to make it official. The data scientists at Facebook say that they’ve found a few trends on the social network that make that possible.

On Valentine’s Day, the data scientist Carlos Diuk published a blog post describing the courtship process on Facebook and how certain correlations signal that love is in the air. The science behind it is not mind blowing, but the similarities among the several different relationships surveyed in the study is striking.

As sparks begin to fly and crushes become more, the interactions between future Facebook lovers increases steadily in the 100 days before becoming “Facebook official.” Specifically, timeline post exchanges increase. About 12 days before a relationship starts, though, the frequency of those interactions decreases. But, that’s not a bad thing – actually, the opposite. Diuk wrote, “online interactions give way to more interactions in the physical world,” which sounds extremely dirty.


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