**FILE** Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina (Wikimedia Commons)
**FILE** Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina (Wikimedia Commons)

The families of the victims in a deadly shooting spree by a professed white supremacist in Charleston, S.C., at a church Bible study in 2015 will share an $88 million payout from the Justice Department as compensation for their losses.

The settlement reached this week for the racially-motivated shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME Church comes as a result of a failure in the background-check system that allowed convicted gunman Dylann Roof to buy a weapon, The Washington Post reported.

Roof, a 27-year-old white man from Columbia, killed nine people, including senior pastor and state Sen. Clementa C. Pinckney, and injured another at the church on June 17, 2015. Upon his capture following a massive manhunt, Roof said he shot the victims, all African American, to start a race war in the United States.

Bakari Sellers, a lawyer for the victims, said the figure was particularly meaningful because the number 88 is significant among white supremacists like Roof, who was convicted on federal hate crimes charges and sentenced to death, The Post reported.

Roof lost his request for a hearing in September, and his petition that a court of substitute judges from other courts be apointed to consider his case was also rejected.

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  1. Money, money, money, money, money, nothing else matters in the US. If they would really care for people, they would give money to the poor ones (remember, victims are DEAD, dead can’t use money). They don’t care for the poor. They live in tents near the roads… The US is a shame to the rest of the world. All these millions for a few black people (not for victims, victims are dead), while but the poor life, thousands of them in a tent, without any kind of support. The US is a shame. Idiocracy.. pure idiocracy.

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