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The DC Fatherhood Coalition celebrates its 12th year of sponsoring Fathers Week activities and is led by The Alliance of Concerned Men and the 100 Fathers, Inc. 

They work with over 25 community and faith-based organizations, institutions, businesses and agencies in the DMV that understand and support the importance of fatherhood to the family, community and wider society.

The latest research from the American Psychological Association indicates that the African-American father is best served by incorporating a strength-based approach with socially embedded perspectives for father engagement and involvement with their children. 

Researchers confirm that the Black father has a significant positive impact on the lives of children and families. Understanding the social and structural barriers impacting parental involvement, researchers agree that African-American fathers should continue to remain involved and engaged in the lives of their children. 

While research confirms that the African-American father has a profound positive influence on a child’s social adjustment, social competencies and psychological well-being, the impact on residential status shows that Black fathers, however, have a greater likelihood of residing outside of the home of their offspring. 

For these reasons, there is a cause for an examination and discussion that centers on co-parenting strategies of the Black Family as they seek to overcome issues that include cohabitation, step-parenting, visitation, underemployment, unemployment, and racism, as well as stressors such as community violence, domestic violence, and the role these challenges play in compounding pressures to the precious mother and father relationship.

As a community, we must engage in a relentless struggle of maternal and paternal service and sacrifice for the greater good of our families, children and our people.

 We owe this work we must do to our ancestors whose legacies we stand upon as they overcame adversity to keep the family unit alive and gave with their lives in many cases.

This summit, therefore, is an opportunity to understand the species theory of nature that proves that there is no form of life that can exist without facing extinction, if the male and the female do not agree to mutually coexist. For this cause we have an opportunity to come together as co-parents and grandparents. We must promote healing, understanding, and love as we proactively focus on the lives of our children. 

Black fathers and men must build bridges towards our children not break them down. As Black mothers, our sisters must understand that parent means “team” and that there can be no ‘Big I or ‘little u  as we follow this road that connects us with a foundation of mutual care for each other that permeates the village. 

As African-American parents, we must find common ground to work together as men and women in roles of fathers and mothers in order to meet the challenges and adversities head-on and work together as a team, united for the betterment and survival of our children in this violent American society in 2022. 

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