Photo: @maxmoefoe
Photo: @maxmoefoe
Photo: @maxmoefoe

(Forbes) – Despite tweeting out a bomb threat to ground a Sony executive’s flight this Sunday and landing themselves on the radar of the FBI, hacking group “Lizard Squad” remains unmolested and continues to orchestrate attacks on various gaming services.

After targeting Sony’s PSN, Microsoft’s MSFT Xbox Live, Riot Games’ League of Legends and Blizzard’s, the group turned their attention toward livestream site Twitch, in the wake of the company’s acquisition by Amazon this week.

The streaming service hosts thousands of gamers who stream gameplay for an audience of millions, and has grown so enormous that a $1B offer from Amazon seemed like a reasonable price. Yesterday, the service came under fire from the hacking group which hasn’t stopped boasting about its exploits since the attacks started this past weekend.

The group recruited popular Twitch streamers/YouTubers like Sky Williams, MaxMoeFoe (above) and Mia Rose to write “Lizard Squad” on their forehead, and tweet them a picture. When enough of these streamers obliged, they relented their attacks on the service.


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