Anthony Stewart, president of American Classic Agency, announced recently that the Jacksonville, Florida-based financial services company met its 2022 goal of creating $1 billion in tax-free transferrable wealth to close the financial gaps in the markets it serves.

Stewart said agents sold over $1 billion in life insurance protection last year. By leveraging the features and benefits of life insurance, it is possible to create sustainable income protection and transferable wealth strategies that can be used to fund college educations, start businesses, entrepreneurial endeavors, and homeownership.

“Our goal was to touch the lives of individuals, families, and businesses, especially in the diverse communities across the country to show them the importance of purchasing at least $250,000 of life insurance, as a building block to establishing peace of mind and a foundation for their financial futures,” he said.

The company offers whole life insurance, universal life insurance, term life insurance, income protection plans, debt elimination plans, and legacy creation strategies.

Stewart said the company wants to hire full-time and part-time agents and plans to relocate its headquarters from Jacksonville to Lanham, Maryland, this year.

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