(DNA India) – We are slowly moving towards powerful phones that pack some serious hardware but, in the end, it all boils down to how the software works on the phone. Most phone related problems are due to software and a very few ones are cause by hardware issues. We’ve all been through the phase when our smartphones just struggle to complete a task we are working on. If you’ve been facing these problems lately here are five performance hacks to get your Android device back to its fullest potential.

Switching Off Animations for the Phone 

Phones generally have a lot of animations to improve the user experience. These look very good when the phone is brand new but, over time, these make the phone appear a lot slower. These animations load up slowly when there are a lot of other apps loaded up in the RAM, because of which they somewhat mellow out the whole experience. One of the fastest way to get the phone back to speed would be to either switch these animations off or to slow them down. To do this, the Developer Option on the phone needs to be enabled. This is done by going to Settings>About Phone and tapping the Build Number multiple times to get the mode. Once Developer mode is enabled go to Settings>Developer Options and then scroll down. Options like Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation scale and Animator duration scale will now be visible.  All these are set to 1x by default, to improve the performance, so reduce all three to 0.5x or simple switch them off.


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