Five states set new records on the average number of daily new COVID-19 cases over the past weekend as the delta variant of the coronavirus continues to fuel outbreaks around the world.
Florida, Louisiana, Hawaii, Oregon and Mississippi reached new peaks in their seven-day average of new cases as of Sunday, CNBC reported, citing Johns Hopkins University data.
On a per capita basis, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida are amid the three worst outbreaks in the country, CNBC reported.
All five state have rates higher than the national average regarding the percentage of hospital beds currently filled by COVID-19 patients. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services data reported in Oregon 11.4% of hospital beds are used by coronavirus patients, with Hawaii at 12.1%, Louisiana at 20.4%, Mississippi at 18.7% and Florida, 28.2%.
Nationally, less than 11% of all hospital beds are being used by coronavirus patients.
Though the surges are undoubtedly due in part to the highly contagious delta variant that has gripped the world in recent months, CNBC also drew a connection to the vaccination rates in those states, as the ones with the higher rates have fewer coronavirus patients occupying hospital beds. Oregon’s rate of fully vaccinated residents is 56.8%, compared to Hawaii at 54.3%, Florida at 50.3%, Louisiana at 38.3% and Mississippi at 35.8%.
“That is why Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi are hurting with bed capacity and ascending death rates, while Oregon and Hawaii are hurting with explosive case rates, but with high vaccination and masking rates, may not ever be in the same precarious position,” said Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious disease expert at the University of California, San Francisco, CNBC reported.

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