Flyers discouraging coronavirus vaccinations have cropped up in some Prince George’s County communities — and they seem to be aimed at Black residents.
One county resident told WRC-TV (Channel 4) that a relative showed her the flyers calling coronavirus vaccines experimental and dangerous for Blacks. The flyers advertise some county health food stores and suggest natural alternatives to the vaccine.
“When I saw the flyer, I thought that there was enough truth mixed into the lie to make the lie that much more effective,” Sam Williams said, WRC reported.
Prince George’s County’s majority-Black population trails other racial groups in vaccination rates, but easily outpaces all groups in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths, the county’s health department says.
“The pandemic has shifted to become a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Dr. George L. Askew, the county’s health and human services chief administrative officer, told WRC. “To further campaign to increase hesitancy to take the vaccine — which is a life-saving elixir — I think is unconscionable in my mind.”

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