Pastor E.A. Deckard

By Pastor E.A. Deckard
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times

“When you wake up every day, you have two choices. You can either be positive or negative; an optimist or a pessimist. I choose to be an optimist. It’s all a matter of perspective.” – Harvey Mackay

Forward Thinkers, Harvey Mackay is a bestselling author writing such books as “Swim with the Sharks, Without Being Eaten Alive and Dig Your Well Before you’re Thirsty and his positive attitude approach have allowed him to become a very wealthy man.

Forward Thinkers, before we get to the text for today let’s establish a foundation that will allow us to continue to operate in the “Favor of God”.

It’s no coincidence Forward Thinkers, everywhere I go and everyone I’m connected to is referring to this season as the FOG “Favor of God” season.

Forward Thinkers, there are four major foundational factors I have created which will raise the level of awareness and if we continue to operate under these factors I can guarantee the best is still yet to come for us.

We need faith to receive the Favor of God because the bible says it shall be done for us according to our faith. Forward Thinkers without faith it is impossible to receive the Favor of God.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God therefore by me continuing to teach on the favor of God it has created an atmosphere where people are expecting and looking for the Favor of God in every situation. Forward Thinkers you can’t win in life being disconnected from the word of God.

Our thoughts build our lives because the bible says so as a man thinks so is he therefore I have learned to control my thoughts to focus on the Favor of God showing up and turning things around in my favor. Forward Thinkers never give anyone or anything control of your thought life. Forward Thinkers we must think we are great therefore we are great and what anyone thinks about what we think has no bearing on our thoughts of greatness.

The power of life and death is in our mouth so we must choose to speak the Favor of God in every situation and by speaking and thinking the Favor of God in faith we receive the Favor of God to win in life.

Forward Thinkers I’m committed to creating a winning atmosphere where people are reaching their full potential; today I challenge you to operate under the FOG at all times.

Luke 18:35-43 The Message (MSG)

35-37 He came to the outskirts of Jericho. A blind man was sitting beside the road asking for handouts. When he heard the rustle of the crowd, he asked what was going on. They told him, “Jesus the Nazarene is going by.”

38 He yelled, “Jesus! Son of David! Mercy, have mercy on me!”

39 Those ahead of Jesus told the man to shut up, but he only yelled all the louder, “Son of David! Mercy, have mercy on me!”

40 Jesus stopped and ordered him to be brought over. When he had come near, Jesus asked, “What do you want from me?”

41 He said, “Master, I want to see again.”

42-43 Jesus said, “Go ahead—see again! Your faith has saved and healed you!” The healing was instant: He looked up, seeing—and then followed Jesus, glorifying God. Everyone in the street joined in, shouting praise to God.

A blind man

Forward Thinkers, his condition was blindness. I’m declaring today our conditions will no longer define our identities. Get this in your spirit, your condition (and yes we all have a condition and have had some conditions) is present in your life so you can release the faith needed to receive the Favor of God. Yes, Forward Thinkers I’m saying God saw enough in you to bless you with that condition because he has already created a breakthrough for you.

Sitting beside the road

Forward Thinkers, the enemy desires to keep you sitting because, as long as you’re sitting you’re making no forward progress. Also notice he was not on the road but the side of the road. Forward Thinkers on the road you travel besides the road you watch others travel. The enemy plans to use your condition to keep you stuck watching others succeed in life.


Forward Thinkers, the enemy wants you to be in a negative position where you feel you have to depend on others to make it. The moment we start begging is the moment we stop believing God. We must never lose sight of the fact God has the ability to supply all our needs.

The crowd around Jesus was making enough noise that it caught the blind man’s attention

Forward Thinkers, my desire is to make enough noise to get the attention of the underdog, the lost, the poor, the uneducated, and the blind. Forward Thinkers we must be careful that we are making the right noise, make sure we are making a Jesus kind of noise. We must make a difference in making noise. Forward Thinkers it’s time we make a noise of hope for the hopeless.

The blind man started yelling Jesus have mercy on me

Forward Thinkers, he finally took his attention off the people and put it on Jesus. I have a question who has your attention? We must understand who or whatever has our attention also has our minds and as the NAACP declares, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

Those ahead of Jesus told him to shut up

Forward Thinkers, these are the kind of church people I have a problem with instead of encouraging the man they try to shut the man up. Have you ever noticed their position, the bible says they are ahead of Jesus. Whenever we stop following Jesus we stop being about Kingdom business and we start being about our business. We must come together and realize the strong has a God-given assignment to build up the weak, not cut off the weak from their potential source of strength.

The blind man got louder

Forward Thinkers, this season you must have enough faith to get louder in spite of your condition and your opposition. We must press harder and make up our minds that we will not be denied another day of our lives.

Forward Thinkers, Jesus asked the blind man what do you want from me? I wonder do we actually know what we want from Jesus.

Forward Thinkers, the blind man said, “I want to see again because he was convinced Jesus had the ability to restore his sight. Today we must have the faith that Jesus has the ability to restore and renew our conditions and began declaring the Favor of God can turn my situation around in my favor.

Forward Thinkers, Jesus replies to the blind man go ahead and see your faith has saved you and your faith has healed you.

Forward Thinkers, in conclusion, I’m declaring your story has the potential to ignite a praise party, because the Favor of God is getting ready to turn your story around in your favor; in such away it will get the attention of everyone who counted you out and left you begging on the side of the road.

Pastor E. A. Deckard is the Senior Pastor/Founder of the Green House International Church located, 16711 Ella Blvd. Houston, Texas, 77090. To contact Pastor Deckard for speaking engagements contact him at or the church website

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