(Reviewed.com) – Last year, Fujifilm blew us away with a retro-inspired, flagship-level X-T1. With a design aping the look and feel of film SLRs, the X-T1 was well received. But beyond simply looking good, the X-T1 performed well enough to hang tough with the staunch competition in its price range while providing a stunning retro aesthetic.

As has become common in the industry, Fuji is building on that success by taking the X-T1’s blueprint and trimming features (and thus price) to produce the new X-T10 (MSRP $799.99 body-only). While this camera is a significant step down from the flagship X-T1, it still has most of the X-T1’s best features–plus a few of its own.

While the lower price point means the X-T10 isn’t shooting for the top in the mirrorless category, it’s still got some tough competition. It’s now competing against cameras that expertly combine affordability and performance, like the Samsung NX500 and Olympus E-M10. With most of what made the X-T1 great in a new, cheaper body does the X-T10 have what it takes to keep up?


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