(Computer World) – I never thought I’d say this, but here we go: Samsung is about to release a beautifully designed phone.

It’s true: The company long criticized for chintzy devices with cheap-looking plastics has finally upped its game. The Galaxy S6, launching on all the major U.S. carriers on April 10, is a phone that’s as classy as it is capable. With glass-and-metal construction and plenty of horsepower to go with it, this latest flagship has the potential to reinvent Samsung as a serious player in the premium smartphone game.

The Galaxy S6 starts at $200 on contract or $600 to $685 outright, depending on where and how you buy it.

So what’s the phone like to use in the real world — and does it actually deliver when it comes to user experience? I’ve been living with the S6 for the past week to find out.


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