(Newsmaine) – Researchers have recognized several genetic markers that allow them to figure out the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) among soldiers. The study saw researchers examining blood samples of US Marines before and after deployment.

Published in Tuesday’s Journal Molecular Psychiatry, the study talked about a group of genes responsible for regulating innate immune system and interference on signaling in human body. According to the researchers, the gene has a lot to do with the growth of PTSD in soldiers.

The study results are promising, given researchers can determine through blood samples who are at risk of developing PTSD and what the response of the immune system would be to the condition. The researchers are now endeavoring to develop new diagnostic methods based on the study results that identify genetic markers in blood samples.

If successful, researchers would be able to prevent this condition from appearing and develop therapies that can help patients improve the quality of their life.


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