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Georgetown University said it will discipline students who jumped the line to get the coronavirus vaccine in D.C., which the school said was a violation of its values.

Under the city’s vaccination policy, only third-and fourth-year med students at Georgetown are currently eligible because they interact with patients.

But school administrators recently caught wind of students not working in health care settings who have been vaccinated and made it clear those students will be punished.

“These actions run contrary to Georgetown’s values as a Jesuit institution, teaching our students to be in service to others,” a university spokesman said, WTOP reported.

University officials said they have taken measures to see that other students are not vaccinated out of turn. The students’ identities weren’t disclosed, citing federal privacy laws.

District residents age 65 and older, teachers, police officers and health care professionals are eligible to receive vaccinations at this time.

As of Wednesday, the city has administered 51,421 vaccine doses of the 68,750 delivered so far, according to health department statistics.

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