Apple fans may soon be flocking to stores to pick up an Apple smartwatch.
The expected smartwatch will be the first brand-new product line unveiled under Apple’s chief, Tim Cook, who took the helm from Steve Jobs nearly three years ago. (AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

Marco della Cava, USA TODAY

SAN FRANCISCO (USA Today)–What’s next, the Apple House?

The i-Everything company’s ambitions seem to be growing larger by the day, perhaps buttressed by hitting a staggering $700-billion valuation this week. So it’s perhaps little surprise that after successfully tackling personal computers, smartphones and watches, the buzz in some tech circles is that Apple has set its sights on building a car.

While the idea may seem far-fetched – Apple CEO Tim Cook need only chat up Tesla founder Elon Musk to learn about the rough roads facing the upstart automotive manufacturer – a number of speculative reports suggest it’s a possibility.



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