Courtesy of WSSC Water via Twitter
Courtesy of WSSC Water via Twitter

WSSC Water wants its customers to stop flushing disinfectant wipes and personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks, warning that such items are causing troublesome backups.

The water utility company, which serves the Washington metropolitan area, has seen a 17-ton increase in wipes at its treatment facilities during March and April, compared to the same time last year, WUSA-TV (Channel 9) reported Thursday.

Lyn Riggins, spokesperson for WSSC Water, said the clogs could ultimately be costly for customers as well.

“If you continue to flush wipes down the toilet, at some point they’re going to form a wad or a blockage in the pipe,” Riggins said, WUSA reported. “The next time you go to flush that toilet, that wastewater, that sewage is going to hit that wad of wipes and it is going to back up. Where is it going to go? It’s going to go into your basement and it is going to be messy and disgusting. It’s going to be expensive to fix.”

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