Video showed McKinney police Cpl. Eric Casebolt yank 15-year-old Dajerria Becton onto her stomach. (Courtesy of Brandon Brooks/YouTube)

(The Washington Post) – The host of a Texas pool party that led to the suspension of a police officer says things took a turn for the violent when a neighbor began hurling racial slurs and insults at party-goers.

A woman identified as Tatiana Rhodes, 19, said that she and some friends had organized the party and were enjoying themselves at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool on June 5 when the conflict with a white neighbor broke out.

“This lady was saying racial slurs to some friends that came to the cookout. She was saying such things as ‘black effer’ and ‘that’s why you live in Section 8 homes,’” Rhodes told E. Johnson IV, a photographer who recorded the conversation and uploaded it online.

More insults were traded. One neighbor said “go back to your Section 8 home,” Rhodes said, referring to a form of federal housing assistance for low-income people.


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