With every Earth Month comes countless articles on “going green.” But what does it mean to “go green”? Are you “going green” with envy? Are you “going green” with illness? In most contexts, to “be green” is to live your life sustainably. To color all your actions with a shade of awareness on how it could affect the environment, equity, and economic development. “Going green” just might be at the crossroads between a healthy, long-lasting future and turbulent disruptions to our way of life. Of course, it is easier said than done. Like every lifestyle change, “going green” requires time, effort and the willpower to stick it out. Luckily, here at Sustainable DC we have a series of actions and resources on our website to help you do just that.

During the Sustainable DC 2.0 development process, our team held a series of citywide surveys and community focus groups. We found out that District residents would like to know more about how to “go green” and make the city a healthier, greener, and more livable place. This engagement, in combination with a review of the Sustainable DC 2.0 actions that residents can best influence, resulted in the ten action categories available on our Go Green webpage. All actions are available in Spanish, French, Amharic, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese, to inform as many DC residents as possible. They also include programs and other resources available in the District, to help each of us to take action.

“Going green” does not have to be a tedious solo undertaking. It is a change we all benefit from and there are resources that can help you reap those benefits. Like most things, creating a sustainable DC is a team effort. Help us help you go green!

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