This product image provided by Google shows the iPhone version of the company's Inbox app. The application is designed to make it easier for its Gmail users to find and manage important information that can often become buried in their inboxes. (AP Photo/Google)
This product image provided by Google shows the iPhone version of the company’s Inbox app. (AP Photo/Google)


(—A few years ago, we were all using Yahoo services like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger. Then came the Google wave. They might have started the search-engine phenomenon but have taken over the entire web troposphere. These days, you have a mail (Gmail), Chat (Gtalk/Hangouts), browser (Chrome) mobile software (Android) and hardware (Nexus and Android One) added to its bulging portfolio.

And with the Inbox now you have Google looking to improve its own work over the years. Inbox is Google’s way of changing the way people handle mailing these days (personal or professional). If you’ve been using Gmail for some years now then Inbox will come across as a cosmetic facelift to the original mailing client but there’s more to Inbox that meets the eye or the heads.

We somehow managed to grabs ourselves a fresh Inbox invite from Google (via a dear friend) and spent some quality time assessing what’s really the fuss about Inbox and the scramble for its invite everywhere.



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