Google Chrome (Mark Lennihan/AP Photo)
Google Chrome (Mark Lennihan/AP Photo)
Google Chrome (Mark Lennihan/AP Photo)

(Tech News Today) – A day ago we talked about the Google Chrome 41 update, and the ways which makes it nothing short of a boon for all users. The company released a slew of new features, which make the 41 update all the more exciting.

The major highlights include the pull-down-to-refresh feature, common in social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter. Data usage turned a hit, and as a result provided more efficient usage through switching tabs by swiping. Another exemplary feature is Google Voice Search – to make your searches hassle-free and hands-free.

Google Inc. is also in the process of releasing a stable version of Chrome 42 and 43, but for now, it released a list of features that are available for edgy developers trying to get their hands on the beta version of Chrome 42.


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