Samsung Galaxy Gear

(The Inquirer) – Google and Samsung reportedly are at each other’s throats again, and this time it’s about smartwatches.

That’s according to The Information (paywalled), which reports that Google CEO Larry Page and Samsung vice chairman Jay Lee held a “tense private meeting” last week where they discussed the companies’ conflicting smartwatch plans.

More specifically, Google apparently isn’t pleased about Samsung’s focus on its own Tizen mobileoperating system, despite the firm having recently launched the Samsung Gear Live that runs Android Wear. However, Page reportedly is not pleased about the fact that, in comparison, Samsung has three Tizen smartwatches on the market – the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo – and believes the Korean firm is more “invested” in its own software rather than Android.

Google wants Samsung to focus its efforts more on Android Wear than Tizen because of the tight integration that Android Wear offers with the multitude of Android devices on the market.


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